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@jaredeng : “It was breathtaking, it was magical, it was fashion. #Saint Laurent”

To which @rennow responded “It was Zara to rich people #Saint Laurent”

The comment made in this instagram post made me laugh.

I guess you had to be there to really appreciate it.

What do you think?

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I Have Nothing To Wear

OK … most people including myself will say this from time to time… or everyday… We all have too much so … I am putting together a guide to clean out your closet (I know there are a lot, but this one will be different) but in the meantime, use the chart below I found on It’s a really good one and all at one can be really overwhelming, so take shifts.


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New Year

Now that 2016 is here it’s always a good time to rethink and start over. What you want to accomplish, goals, etc but it had me feeling like there is a lot of pressure to meet these goals, as well as the thought of being defined by something. Why do we have to be defined by something? 

I’ve especially been thinking a lot about this since starting this blog. My whole life I have never been one of those people who is good at – fill in the blank – but have always been more of a creative type. This is what led me to styling and fashion, when I finally found something I was naturally good at. 

I never had that natural ability feeling about anything until I started styling and helping people get dressed and feel comfortable as well as putting together a fun look for a photo shoot.  

But at the same time, I’ve come to realize that not everyone will be good at one thing, that we don’t need one thing to define us; that life is a journey and you will do many things. I kept looking for that one thing and although I know now I have a talent for style, like knowing if a note is on key almost, that everything we will do or are doing will lead us towards more things. And it’s what we do with what we learn and our experiences that will get us to where we can be whatever we want. 

All in all, don’t worry if you think you aren’t good at anything because it probably isn’t true. Everyone has many talents and it’s how we decide to use these talents. 

What is something you are good at but isn’t a defined job in society per say? 

The story behind Pepper Purls

So I thought I would write a little about the history and meaning behind Pepper Purls. 

My name is Angelica Conrad. 

Pepper : my nephew gave me this nickname because he think I am Gwyneth Paltrow from Iron Man (she has red hair in the movie) and her name is Pepper Potts. Obviously, he is Tony Stark (Iron Man). He is 5 years old … 😎

Purls : for all the non-knitters out there purl is a kind of stitch … Knit purl knit purl .. It’s basically the opposite of a knit stitch.. You knit on the RS (right side) and purl on the WS (wrong side) 

*i am still waiting on a knitting emoji

So there you go!

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

I am in love with this fur coat. Prada really knows how to nail a print. It makes me happy.. Especially after a day with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus. It’s a real jet-setter kinda coat.  And a great staple to launch into next year. Plus, it’s black & white. My favorites!✌🏼️😉


Education is the Answer: Pendleton and the AICF for #GivingTuesday

I love this. #givingtuesday

Pendleton Woolen Mills

For #GivingTuesday, please consider a donation to theAmerican Indian College Fund. The fund provides educational opportunities for Native American students and disburses 6,000 scholarships annually.

The effect of education is direct and longlasting. Currently, less than 1% of Native Americans attend college or any kind of higher education. We can help to change that.

We’ve been partnering with the AICF to produce and distribute blankets that directly contribute to their efforts to make a difference in native American communities through education. You can make a direct donation here: DONATE

If you would like to give a gift that makes a difference, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each AICF Pendleton blankets goes to the fund. Here are some of the beautiful blankets.


Return of the Sun

The traditions and activities of the Iñupiat, today, as in the past, revolve around the changing of the seasons. This…

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